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While some have made given attention to the tent as symbol, but I really love how books have been used to protest student evictions and police brutality.

You can’t form a fist with a book in your hand.

Sin Bibliotecas No Hay Paraíso

Porras contra libros – Books against police brutality

Fotos de las manifestaciones en repudio a las cargas policiales contra los alumnos del IES Luis Vives de Valencia. –
Pics of the manifestation against police brutality on teenage students from the Luis Vives Highschool at Valencia. Spain.

“Me podréis romper la mano pero no la voz”

“You may break my arm but not my voice”

“Teo no va a la escuela”
“Teo isn’t going to school”

“Cuidado, tenemos libros”

“Watchout, we have books”

“Officer, say hello to your family, you are on Youtube”

“Our turn to be the ‘new’ revolution”

“Soy nieta-flauta”

“Nosotros también somos el enemigo”

“We are the enemy too”

Libros contra las porras en la marcha en solidaridad con el instituto de enseñanza media Luis Vives de Valencia. Books against police brutality


Libros contra porras.

“Aquí está la madre que parió a tu enemigo”

“Here`s the mother…

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  1. bibliosol February 23, 2012 at 4:08 am

    Thanks for your reblog. The books took the streets last week in Valencia Spain. Is not about books, it`s about our soul…

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