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Susan Lambert of the BC Teachers Federation at Occupy Vancouver

The Future of the Occupy Movement with Michael Stone

A brilliant speech with Michael Stone at Occupy Vancouver

Cities for People, Not Profit! UBC Urban Studies Chair Elvin Wyly: The Right to the City

Elvin Wyly on The Right to the City at Occupy Vancouver, VAG. on November 12th, 20/11


For the Right to the City, Turn Left — Elvin Wyly at Occupy Vancouver

To Claim The Right to the City, Turn Left
Elvin Wyly, Nov 12, 2011,

Five weeks ago, a small group of committed activists went to Zucotti Park, a “privately owned public space” in New York City. At first, Occupy Wall Street was ignored. Then it was dismissed as just another protest by a few people on the far left fringe. No. This is a fringe of 99 percent. Occupations have spread to more than a thousand cities in a hundred countries around the world.

Can you hear us now?…

Full transcript available here!

What is Occupy Vancouver? Rex Weyler of Greenpeace speaks

Speech given on November 5th, 2011

Peak Oil and the 99%: Pat Gerber and Ben West

Peak Oil: No Tarsands, No Pipelines, No Tankers with Pat Gerber and Ben West
San Francisco Energy Analyst Pat Gerber and Local Activist Ben West discuss the Canada’s Tarsands-first energy policy and why it doesn’t work for the 99%.

David Suzuki speaks to Occupy Vancouver

Speech made on October 22, 2011 at Occupy Vancouver, VAG

Rights for Flight Attendants: David Pacheco, CUPE local 4094 President

Speech given on October 15, 2011